All systems operational
Web   (?) Public-facing Websites and Services
L.E.R Space | Gatsby   (?) Upcoming next generation L.E.R Space built with React and Gatsby Operational
L.E.R Academic |   (?) Websites for updates on my academic research projects. Operational
L.E.R Drafts |   (?) Draft articles hosted on, by Standard Notes Operational
Lab @ |   (?) GitLab instance for code hosting, life planning and engineering automation Operational
Code Review @ |   (?) Gerrit instance for code review Operational URL Shortener |   (?) URL Shortening service built on top of Netlify Redirects Operational
L.E.R Space | Portus   (?) Legacy Portus-based L.E.R Space, to be replaced by the Gatsby version Operational
Jenkins @ |   (?) Jenkins CI instance Operational
Services   (?) Non-visible maybe, but vital to support everything
GitLab Runner | Lab-CI-GCE   (?) CI/CD service for Lab @, on Google Compute Engine Operational
GitLab Runner | Lab-CI-Fargate   (?) CI/CD service for Lab @, on AWS Fargate Operational
GitLab Runner | Lab-CI-Desktop   (?) CI/CD service for Lab @, on my Desktop machine Operational
GitLab Runner | Lab-CI-RPI4   (?) CI/CD service for Lab @, on my Raspberry Pi 4B Operational
Clusters   (?) Server cluster across the globe
Google Kubernetes Engine | Los Angelos (US)   (?) Google Cloud hosted Kubernetes cluster, US West Operational
Vultr Inc. | Los Angelos (US)   (?) Vultr High Performance Computing VM, US West Operational
L.E.R Constellation | Everywhere   (?) My own mesh overlay network across the globe. Operational
Alibaba Cloud | Hangzhou (CN)   (?) Mainland China traffic bouncing, one VM only. Operational
External   (?) External services that we rely on to keep everything running
DNSPod | DNS Operational
G Suite | group   (?) Email (@rongyi.{io,dev,page,blog}), Google Drive, Calendar, Groups Operational
Office 365 | group   (?) OneDrive, Email (, OneNote Operational

Incident history

2020 (1)

August 7, 2020 at 11:15 AM

Lab Migration from GKE to Vultr

Resolved after 1h 15m of downtime