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Partial Outage for WordPress-based L.E.R Space

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Partial Outage


The website is currently under heavy DDoS and other malicious attacks. The resource provided by the host (SiteGround) will be soon used up and the site could be inaccessible then.


We're seeing traffic from all around the world that does not make sense. And the website host keeps warning me of "Exceeded CPU seconds" that would cause degraded performance. Now most of the time, the current WordPress-based Space is not accessible at all. The top 3 accessed address is [/wp-login.php, /wp-cron.php, and /], first two of which can most certainly be identified as malicious attacks.

Proposed Solution

Stage 1: Emergency Failover to Portus

  • The Portus source has mdx sources for blog posts up to 2018-06
  • WordPress posts can be exported to markdown via WordPress-to-Hugo-Exporter, thus reducing most of the workloads of converting HTML/Gutenberg posts to Markdown X.

Stage 2: Ship the Gatsby-based new Blog

  • Currently the blog sub-website is 60% done
  • Should attempt to ship Blog standalone by tomorrow (2019-02-11 or 134:22)
  • The Blog standalone have a temporary name of "L.E.R Space | Blog", with the reused logo plus "| Blog" test appended.

Stage 3: Redirects part of Portus-based Space

  • After the Gatsby-based blog ships, we should be able to redirect the blog part to the new sub-site on Netlify.

Stage 4: Ship the Gatsby-based new Space

  • The main site needs heavy refactoring to move to Gatsby and fully utilized Gatsby features like Server-Side-Rendering, Tree-Shaking, etc.
  • Might as well do a full site redesign, starting from scratch with React & Gatsby
  • Estimated workloads: 40+ Hrs --> Roughly one week.
  • After the new Space ships, we should be able to safely retire the WordPress site & hosting service.