LER0ever System Status

Migrating all Vultr services to Google Kubernetes Engine

Cluster / Los Angelos (US), Vultr Inc
Partial Outage


This is a scheduled maintenance, and I'm migrating all services hosted on Vultr Inc to Google GKE.


Currently Vultr serves as my own playground, and hosts personal services such as Phabricator instance, KODExplorer and a bunch of domain auto-cert bots. Most of which will be migrated to GKE as a Kubernetes services. After the migration is done, I will archive any remaining data on those servers and delete my Vultr account.

This migration has nothing to do with Vultr: they are a good hosting solution provider. I just prefer all my server-side stuff in one place, and GKE seems to be pretty promising, with GitLab natively supporting GKE deployment and Google being a major contributor of the Kubernetes project.

I wrote this incident down for my own reference, as it should not affect anyone else.